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SharePoint application development.

Enterprise Relationship Sync.

We can define Enterprise Relationship Management as a business strategy for value creation that is based on the leveraging of network-enabled processes and activities so that the relationships between the organization and all its internal and external departments get transformed to maximize its current and future opportunities. A software is developed using Sharepoint webpart development which manages all the executive relationship program. It facilitates high-impact opportunities for executives with customers as well as partners. Match the right executives with the right opportunities, at the right time is the foremost benefit of this application. This tool supports executives throughout the process and enhances field effectiveness through relationship building with the people within the organization. This software also maximizes the effectiveness of the team in an organization by upgrading and enhancing the tools the team uses to do their job and to represent their programs.

The core technology used here is Sharepoint application development. And the associated technologies used are Asp.Net 2.0, SQL Server 2005, Sharepoint 2007.

Intellectual capital Knowledge

The term Intellectual capital refers to all resources that determine the value and the competitiveness of an enterprise. The value of an enterprise is made up of physical asset, financial asset and intangible asset, which is called the Intellectual capital. It cannot be easily translated into monetary terms, eg of IC are quality of employees or the reputation of a brand name. This projects developed a software using Sharepoint support services which maximizes the potential of Intellectual capital in an organization. This application would utilize both knowledge component as well as Sharepoint component. The Knowledge component would be used to nominate documents (e.g the appraisal rating of employees or the feedback from a consumer survey etc) since this is where documents are already being uploaded and searched. The multi-phase review and voting portion aspects of the process will be on SharePoint because SharePoint offers several out-of-the-box functionality that fits this aspect well.

The core technology used here is Sharepoint software development. The associated technologies used here are WSS 3.0, SQL Server 2005, Sharepoint 2007.

Trade Mark

A trademark is a distinctive sign or a indicator used by an individual,business organization, or a legal entity to identify that the products or services that are sold to the consumers originates from a unique source, and trademarking is also done by an organization to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities. A trademark is a typical intellectual property which includes a typical name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements. An application is developed by Sharepoint developers which keeps a track Organizations Trademarks Registration, Approval, Expiry Processes etc. Initially the application was developed for the legal department using VB & SQL Server, then it migrated to MOSS 2007.

The core technology used here is Sharepoint solution services. And the associated technology used here Sharepoint MOSS 2007.